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AnjasDev specializes in helping businesses capitalize on the growing opportunities presented by Walmart’s expanding eCommerce platform. With Walmart’s significant presence in online retail, many sellers are eager to establish themselves on its marketplace. AnjasDev offers expertise in Walmart account management, providing brands with the resources needed to succeed and grow profitably in this competitive space.

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Expand eCommerce Business with Professional Walmart Management

Walmart Marketplace boasts the second-largest eCommerce consumer audience in the US, offering a prime opportunity for businesses to expand their reach. Partnering with Walmart allows companies to tap into this vast consumer base. With over 80 million unique visitors monthly, Walmart’s platform provides substantial visibility for sellers. AnjasDev offers assistance to newcomers in navigating and thriving on Walmart Marketplace. As a third-party seller, your products are showcased alongside Walmart’s inventory, clearly labeled under “Walmart Marketplace.” It’s a platform where sellers provide goods while Walmart facilitates the audience, distinguishing third-party items from regular store inventory.

Our Walmart Marketplace Management Services Includes

Walmart Account Management

Our comprehensive account assistance service is designed to support your brand’s management on Walmart marketplace. Our team of professionals collaborates with you to manage inventory and address various aspects of your brand’s presence on this platform, ensuring alignment with your specific goals and objectives.

Product Listing Setup & Optimization

When creating your listings on Walmart marketplace, we focus on optimizing for keyword rankings and marketability. Our expertise in SEO enables us to effectively utilize targeted terms, boosting your products’ conversion rates. Additionally, our designers are skilled at creating top-notch product images, and our copywriters excel at crafting engaging content.


We meticulously plan and execute every aspect of your product launch, employing strategic tactics to generate awareness and garner positive customer feedback. By carefully orchestrating the launch process, we aim to create a buzz around your products, capturing the interest of potential customers and driving sales.

Brand Safety & Assistance

Ensuring the safety and profitability of your brand on Walmart marketplace demands meticulous attention to detail during the registration process. Our commitment to diligence during the registration process ensures that your brand is well-protected and positioned for sustained success on Walmart marketplace, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.

Walmart PPC Management

Through carefully crafted advertising campaigns, we ensure that your listings receive maximum exposure to potential customers. By partnering with AnjasDev for your Walmart marketplace PPC advertising needs, you can trust that your brand will receive the attention it deserves, driving tangible results and helping you achieve your business objectives.

Listing SEO Optimization

At AnjasDev, we prioritize helping your brand achieve optimal organic rankings on Walmart marketplace. Our team is dedicated to identifying the most profitable keywords relevant to your products and target audience. We go beyond generic terms and delve into long-tail keywords that may be overlooked by competitors, thereby maximizing your brand’s visibility and reach.

Market and Competitor Analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis of your competitors on Walmart marketplace. This involves assessing their product offerings, pricing strategies, promotional tactics, and customer reviews. By benchmarking your brand against competitors, we gain valuable insights into areas where you can differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge.


Our reporting includes actionable recommendations and insights for optimizing your Walmart marketplace strategy. This may involve adjustments to product pricing, enhancements to product listings, or changes to advertising tactics. Our goal is to empower you with the information and guidance needed to continuously improve and optimize your performance on the platform.

Our Approach to Grow Your Brand on Walmart


Knowing Your Brand

Understanding your brand is a foundational step in our process for growing your presence on Walmart. This involves delving deep into the core values, unique selling propositions, and target audience of your brand. We conduct comprehensive research and analysis to gain insights into what sets your brand apart, what resonates with your customers, and how you envision your brand’s identity evolving on the Walmart platform.


Crafting Tailored Strategy

Building a strategy is a pivotal phase in our process, where we meticulously craft a roadmap tailored to your brand’s objectives and the unique dynamics of Walmart marketplace. By following a structured approach to strategy buildup, we can create a robust and actionable plan that maximizes your brand’s potential on Walmart marketplace, driving sustainable growth and success.


Strategy Execution

Executing a strategy involves implementing the plan developed during the strategy creation phase effectively. By effectively executing the strategy and remaining agile and responsive throughout the process, organizations can maximize their chances of achieving their goals and objectives on Walmart marketplace.


Performance Reporting

Reporting plays a crucial role in strategy execution, providing valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of the implemented strategies. You can gain valuable insights into the performance of our strategies on Walmart marketplace and make data-driven decisions to optimize their performance and achieve their business objectives.

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Benefits of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Significant Customer Growth

The presence of millions of active shoppers on Walmart.com signifies a significant market already established within the platform. By leveraging Walmart marketplace, your business gains access to this massive audience, enabling you to extend your reach and connect with potential customers who are already engaged with the world’s largest retailer.

Increase Brand Awareness

The sheer volume of visitors to Walmart marketplace indicates a vast potential for increased exposure of your brand and products. By listing your products for sale on this platform, you inherently expand the reach of your brand, leading to heightened brand awareness among a diverse audience of shoppers.

Low Competition

Although Walmart marketplace is experiencing rapid growth, there is notably less competition for sellers compared to other e-commerce platforms. While Walmart currently hosts around 33,000 merchants, Amazon boasts over 2 million sellers. This stark contrast underscores the comparatively less saturated environment on Walmart marketplace, presenting a unique opportunity for sellers to establish their presence and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

No Initial Expenses

Walmart marketplace distinguishes itself from competitors like Amazon and other ecommerce platforms by offering a unique fee structure that is particularly advantageous for sellers. Unlike many other platforms, Walmart marketplace does not impose any set-up fees or monthly storage fees on sellers. Additionally, the platform provides a range of exceptional support services at no additional cost, further enhancing its appeal to potential sellers.

Prerequisites to Onboard Your Brand on Walmart Marketplace

The prerequisites for onboarding your brand on Walmart marketplace encompass several key criteria that are essential for successful integration and operation within the platform:

Walmart Marketplace Management
  1. US-based warehouse, Tax ID, and Business Bank Account.
  2. Complete US business address or physical operations hub.
  3. Ship from US warehouse and handle returns.
  4. One-year US marketplace excellence.
  5. Provide UPC/GTIN for each SKU.
  6. Maintain dedicated customer service, competitive pricing, compelling products, and fast fulfillment.
  7. Submit W9 or W8 and EIN verification letters from the Department of Treasury.
  8. For international sellers: Foreign Entity Tax ID, W8-ECI or W-8BEN-E tax classification, and Foreign Entity Business Address.
  9. Details about primary product categories, catalog size, and related information.
  10. Plan integration method for product catalogs.

FAQs About Walmart Marketplace Management Services

Walmart Marketplace management services involves overseeing various aspects of your brand’s presence and operations on the platform to ensure optimal performance and success.

Yes, Walmart does offer fulfillment services through its Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) program. This program provides sellers on Walmart marketplace with the option to leverage Walmart’s fulfillment network to store, pack, and ship their products to customers.

Partnering with an experienced Walmart marketplace management agency provides you with the expertise, support, and resources needed to optimize your performance, drive growth, and achieve success on the platform.

Utilizing an agency for Walmart marketplace account management offers time and cost savings, alongside optimized product listings for increased visibility and sales. Experienced account managers provide valuable insights, develop targeted campaigns, and track analytics to enhance overall performance.

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