Sports Unlimited

Case Study of an Ecommerce Sports Product Brand Growth

Sports Unlimited


Organic Traffic Growth


Social Following Growth


Increase in Sales Conversion

Sports Unlimited Digital Marketing Success


Sports Unlimited is a family-owned sports goods e-commerce store.  The company encompasses both in-store and online sales. This company made its digital debut in 2016 with the Sports Unlimited website. However, it wasn’t until 2018, when the company enlisted the help of AnjasDev Digital Marketing Agency, that it noticed a significant improvement in its online presence.


Limited Online Visibility

Sports Unlimited struggled to achieve considerable attention in the competitive online market despite a strong local presence.

Underutilized Website

The company’s website, which was launched in 2016, was not search engine optimized, resulting in little organic traffic and limited online sales.

Social Media Growth

The brand’s social media presence was lacking. This made it difficult to interact with a larger audience and potential customers.

AnjasDev Strategic Approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword Research: AnjasDev conducted extensive keyword research to uncover high-value terms related to Sports Unlimited's products, then optimized content for higher search engine ranks.

Technical SEO: Implementing technical SEO upgrades guaranteed that the website's structure and backend were search engine optimized, contributing to increased online visibility.

Content Marketing

To promote Sports Unlimited as an authoritative source in the athletic goods business, a complete content marketing plan was implemented. It included the creation of engaging blog entries, helpful product guides, and captivating video material.

Social Media Marketing

AnjasDev used social media to build brand recognition through focused advertising, promotions, and influencer collaborations. It resulted in a fourfold increase in social media followers and engagement.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

The agency discovered and addressed UX bottlenecks, improving the overall website user experience. This enhancement aided in increasing sales conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads were used strategically to bring targeted visitors to Sports Unlimited's website, supplementing organic growth achieved through SEO initiatives.

Display Advertising

Display advertising helped to broaden the brand's reach by displaying Sports Unlimited's items to a larger audience across relevant web platforms.

Email Marketing

AnjasDev created and implemented customized email marketing programs to nurture leads and engage existing customers, resulting in higher customer retention and loyalty.

SEO Analytics and Reporting

Continuous SEO analytics monitoring and analysis enabled data-driven decision-making, allowing for the development and optimization of continuing initiatives for long-term success.

Local SEO and Link Building

Local SEO tactics were used to increase Sports Unlimited's visibility in the local market while link-building initiatives increased the website's authority and credibility within the industry.

Social Media Integration

The integration of social media across numerous digital touchpoints enabled a consistent and engaging brand experience across all platforms.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing strategies were established in order to reach out to the video-centric audience. We provided valuable content to promote Sports Unlimited's products on YouTube.


200% Increase in Organic Traffic

Sports Unlimited’s search engine rankings improved significantly as a result of the SEO overhaul, resulting in a 200% increase in organic traffic to their website.

4x Growth on Social Media

Strategic social media initiatives boosted the brand’s social presence, resulting in a fourfold increase in followers and engagement across several platforms.

20x Increase in Sales Conversion

Sports Unlimited had a spectacular 20x boost in sales conversion rates as a result of targeted CRO efforts and better website functionality, converting website views into successful transactions.

Client Testimonial

“Collaborating with AnjasDev Digital Marketing Agency was a game changer for our company.” Their knowledge of SEO, social media, and general digital marketing has not only enhanced our online visibility but has also had a substantial influence on our bottom line. We appreciate their hard work and the tangible outcomes they’ve produced.”

Robert Williams, Sports Unlimited Marketing Executive

Sports Unlimited and AnjasDev Digital Marketing Agency’s work illustrates the transforming impact of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. The family-owned sporting goods store not only improved its online presence but also saw significant increases in organic traffic, social media engagement, and sales conversion by addressing major obstacles and applying targeted solutions. This case study demonstrates the value of effective digital marketing in transitioning conventional firms into the new era of e-commerce success.

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