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Case Study of an Affiliate Parenting Website Growth



Organic Traffic Growth


Bounce Rate Reduce


Affiliate Commission Increase

Transforming Parents Need to Know with AnjasDev's Digital Marketing Expertise


Parents Need to Know, a parenting affiliate marketing website, went on a digital marketing journey in 2019 with the goal of growing its online visibility and affiliate profits.


Low Organic Traffic

The website struggled to generate a sizable number of visitors through organic methods. Low search engine rankings hampered the possibility of organic expansion.

High Bounce Rate

Visitors were quickly exiting the site showing a lack of engagement. The audience was neither captivated nor retained by the previous content and user experience. As a result of the high bounce rate, the website’s overall performance.

Limited Social Media Presence

The blog was not efficiently connecting with its audience through prominent social media sites. Its absence on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok meant that prospects for brand exposure and audience engagement were lost.

Low Affiliate Earnings

Despite the fact that it was an affiliate marketing website, its revenues were subpar. The inadequate positioning and promotion of affiliate links on the website hampered its earning potential. Furthermore, the website’s product selection and promotion techniques did not correspond to the parenting audience’s unique demands and interests.

AnjasDev's Digital Marketing Strategies

Valuable Content Creation

AnjasDev understood the value of content in engaging the parental audience. The team concentrated on developing valuable and relevant information to satisfy parents' needs and concerns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To improve the website's exposure on search engines, AnjasDev created a thorough SEO plan that included high-quality content, backlink development, and guest articles.

Social Media Content Strategy

AnjasDev started video lessons, product reviews, freebies, and contests on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This strategy developed a solid social media presence for Parents Need to Know.

Affiliate Marketing Optimization

AnjasDev customized affiliate marketing methods to suit the parenting niche. We included transparency regarding affiliate efforts, smart placement of links for optimum visibility, and careful selection of products were all critical factors in generating affiliate profits.


120% Increase in Organic Traffic

Parents Need to Know had a phenomenal 120% increase in organic traffic as a result of efficient SEO and content initiatives, reaching a larger audience.

Bounce Rate Reduced to 20%

AnjasDev’s emphasis on engaging content and user-friendly design lowered the bounce rate considerably, indicating greater user retention and interaction.

Affiliate Earnings Increased by 150%

The customized affiliate marketing strategy, combined with strategic placement and openness, resulted in a 150% increase in affiliate profits.

Client Testimonial

“Working with AnjasDev has changed the game for Parents Need to Know.” Their team’s skill in digital marketing has revolutionized our online presence and considerably increased our affiliate profits, from content production to SEO and social media techniques. We are overjoyed with the results!”

Founder of Parents Need to Know, Anna Wilson


AnjasDev’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing addressed the specific issues that Parents Need to Know encountered, resulting in remarkable results. Not only did the cooperation increase organic traffic, lower bounce rates, and boost social media presence, but it also considerably raised affiliate profits. This case study shows how a well-executed digital marketing approach can change an affiliate marketing website in the parenting niche.

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