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Case Study of an Ecommerce Organic Products Brand Growth

Organic Way LLC


Increase in Sale Conversion


Increase in Amazon Sales


Ad Spend Reduced

Organic Way LLC Successful Digital Marketing with AnjasDev


In 2020, Organic Way LLC, a renowned bulk organic and Kosher certified distributor, partnered with AnjasDev Marketing. The goal was simple: to increase brand visibility and market reach through creative digital marketing.


Low Amazon Sales

Organic Way faced a significant challenge of low Amazon sales, hampering its standing in the competitive online sector.

Low Sales Conversion

Converting leads into sales proved difficult, highlighting the need for enhanced conversion methods.

High Ad Spend

High advertising costs were depleting the company’s marketing budget, necessitating a rethinking of ad methods to get a higher return on investment (ROI).

AnjasDev Strategic Approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

AnjasDev built a strong SEO strategy, leveraging selected keywords and phrases to get positive search engine rankings. This strategy was intended to increase organic traffic and convert leads into sales.

Run PPC Ads

AnjasDev created a well-constructed PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad strategy to optimize reach. These advertisements, tailored for deep searches, were created to appeal to a bigger audience and boost sales on the Amazon platform.

Social Media Marketing

AnjasDev Marketing produced a broad content mix by leveraging the power of social media. This includes instructive infographics demonstrating the benefits of Organic Way's wide product line and engaging text postings emphasizing offers.

To increase Organic Way's viewership, the content was strategically dispersed across numerous media.

Amazon Marketing

AnjasDev implemented a complete Amazon marketing plan. We optimized product listings by emphasizing features and benefits and leveraging Amazon advertising services. We also offered discounts and employed Amazon Fulfillment services for faster logistics. Finally, we used the Amazon A+ content feature to provide better product descriptions and high-quality images. These methods created an enhanced shopping experience, which was all part of the process.


1200% Amazon Sales Increase

The introduction of tailored Amazon marketing methods resulted in a staggering 1200% increase in platform sales.

400% Sales Conversion Increase

The comprehensive digital marketing strategy and improved conversion methods resulted in a fourfold improvement in overall sales conversion rates.

30% Reduction in Ad Spend

AnjasDev’s better advertising techniques resulted in a 30% decrease in overall advertising expenses, exhibiting efficiency and improved ROI.

Client Testimonial

“AnjasDev Marketing completely transformed our online presence. Our expectations were exceeded by the huge increase in Amazon sales and lowered ad spend. Their all-encompassing approach turned our issues into opportunities.”

Banna Madan, – Organic Way LLC

AnjasDev’s strategic initiatives successfully addressed Organic Way’s difficulties. The amazing results include a significant rise in Amazon sales, a big improvement in conversion rates, and a huge reduction in ad spending. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our customized digital marketing techniques. Organic Way is now prepared for long-term growth and success in the highly competitive organic products market.

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