Nature's Best Organic Feeds

Case Study of an Ecommerce Organic Feed Products Brand Growth

Nature's Best Organic Feeds


Increase in Organic Sales Conversion


Increase in Organic Traffic


Ad Spend Reduced

The Remarkable Growth of Nature's Best Organic Feeds Online Presence


Nature’s Best Organic Feeds is a leading provider of organic livestock and poultry feeds. The company has been a trusted name since its inception in 1947. While Nature’s Best Organic Feeds had established a strong presence in the traditional market, it ventured into the online space only recently.

Recognizing the evolving landscape and the need for a robust digital strategy, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds initiated a digital marketing project in 2020. Facing challenges in adapting to the online sphere, the company sought the expertise of AnjasDev.

AnjasDev is a leading digital marketing agency that helped enhance its digital strategies and boost overall performance.


Low Organic Traffic

The transition to the online space posed challenges, as the company struggled to gain visibility and organic traffic in a highly competitive market. Hence, it had limited reach to potential consumers.

Inefficient Conversion Rates

Despite a rich history and brand recognition, the company’s online presence was not translating into optimal conversion rates. With conversion rates below the industry standard, it indicated a need for optimization in the sales funnel.

High Ad Spend

Having recently entered the digital arena, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds relied heavily on paid advertising, resulting in substantial ad spend with limited returns.

AnjasDev's Digital Marketing Strategies

Comprehensive SEO Overhaul

AnjasDev conducted an in-depth SEO audit to identify and address on-page and off-page issues. We implemented strategic keyword optimization to enhance the website's organic search ranking.

Our SEO team also resolved issues in website structure, mobile responsiveness, and page loading speed.

Our writers created high-quality, relevant content to improve the overall authority of Nature's Best Organic Feeds in the online space.

Content Marketing Campaigns

AnjasDev developed a content strategy focusing on educational and informative content related to organic farming, animal nutrition, and sustainable practices.

We utilized various content formats, including blog posts, infographics, and videos, to engage and attract the target audience.

Social Media Engagement

AnjasDev leveraged social media platforms to connect with the organic farming community. We ran targeted social media campaigns to highlight Nature's Best Organic Feeds' commitment to organic and sustainable practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

AnjasDev digital marketing team conducted a thorough analysis of the website's user experience and optimized the sales funnel. We implemented A/B testing on key landing pages to identify and adopt the most effective design and messaging.

Data-Driven PPC Optimization

AnjasDev analyzed historical PPC data to identify high-performing keywords and campaigns. We then optimized ad creatives and targeted parameters to improve ad relevance and reduce wasted ad spend.


3x Increase in Organic Traffic

AnjasDev’s comprehensive SEO overhaul and content marketing efforts resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic.

Organic traffic sources diversified, with a 40% increase in traffic from organic search, a 25% increase from social media, and a 15% increase from referral sources.

400% Increase in Organic Sales Conversion

CRO initiatives, including user experience analysis and A/B testing, led to a fourfold increase in organic sales conversion.

Average order value (AOV) increased by 20%, reflecting the success of targeted content and improved user experience.

65% Reduction in Ad Spend

Optimized PPC campaigns, driven by data analysis and improved ad relevance, resulted in a 65% reduction in ad spend.

Cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 50%, showcasing the efficiency of the refined PPC strategy.

Client Testimonial

“We are immensely pleased with the results AnjasDev delivered for Nature’s Best Organic Feeds. The increase in organic traffic, the substantial improvement in conversion rates, and the significant reduction in ad spend have exceeded our expectations. Their team’s expertise and tailored approach not only brought tangible results but also aligned seamlessly with our brand values. The collaboration with AnjasDev has been instrumental in propelling us into the online market, and we look forward to continued success.”

Jackson Miller, Head of Marketing, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds

Through a comprehensive and tailored digital marketing approach, AnjasDev successfully propelled Nature’s Best Organic Feeds into the online realm. The amalgamation of SEO, content marketing, social media engagement, and PPC optimization attracted more organic traffic and substantially improved conversion rates, reducing the reliance on paid advertising.

Finally, this strategic collaboration positioned Nature’s Best Organic Feeds for sustained growth in the competitive organic farming market. It marked a successful chapter in the company’s longstanding history.

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