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Case Study of an Ecommerce Ayurvedic Product Brand Growth



Increase in Sales Conversion


Increase in Social Traffic


Increase in Organic Traffic

AyuMantra's Digital Success with AnjasDev Digital Marketing


AyuMantra, a prestigious brand within Herbland Limited, has a 24-year history in Ayurvedic medicine. Despite its well-established roots, AyuMantra realized the need to embrace digital marketing methods in 2022 to reach a larger audience and increase its market position. This choice resulted in a collaboration with AnjasDev Marketing, laying the groundwork for a digital transformation.


Low Social Traffic

Minimal social media interaction hampered brand visibility.

Enhancing Sales Conversion

Low sales conversion rates impacted the company’s revenue growth.

Limited Organic Traffic

AyuMantra lacked significant organic traffic, which affected its online discoverability.

AnjasDev Strategic Approach

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing emerged as a critical technique for increasing AyuMantra's online presence. AnjasDev Marketing started cross-promotion on numerous social media channels to ensure consistent brand visibility across platforms. Regular posts meant to pique the audience's curiosity and strategically linked to the AyuMantra website became a focal point.

Targeted product advertisements with captivating imagery and messaging were used to increase reach. In addition, we included active audience involvement as a significant component of this strategy. It built a deep connection with AyuMantra's community through intelligent exchanges.

Targeted Website Marketing

The plan included targeted marketing on AyuMantra's website, which used paid and organic methods. AnjasDev used Pay-per-click advertising to ensure that the brand accurately addressed its target audience. This strategy optimized the conversion funnel. Meanwhile, AnjasDev Marketing embarked on a complete SEO overhaul. It resolved technical concerns, optimized on-page content, and constructed authoritative off-page links.

Finally, we deliberately placed adverts on multiple internet platforms to magnify the brand's reach and provide maximum visibility to the intended audience.

Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing was crucial in converting website visits into meaningful interactions and transactions. AnjasDev Marketing integrated eye-catching Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the website, encouraging users to take specific actions.

We developed smart pop-ups to capture users' attention at vital periods by displaying intriguing content and promotions.

Through long-form articles, AnjasDev established AyuMantra's credibility and authority in Ayurvedic medicine. This strategy demonstrated confidence and encouraged conversions.


Social Traffic Surge

AyuMantra experienced a 5x boost in social media traffic, considerably increasing brand recognition.

Sales Conversion Soared

AyuMantra saw a 200% increase in sales conversion, demonstrating the success of the techniques.

Boost in Organic Traffic

AyuMantra effectively increased organic traffic by 250%, establishing a long-term online presence.

Client Testimonial

“AnjasDev Marketing completely transformed our online presence.” Their ideas produced measurable results, propelling AyuMantra to new heights. We appreciate their knowledge and dedication.” 

Paul Batth, Founder of AyuMantra

AyuMantra and AnjasDev Marketing’s teamwork illustrates the potential of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The alliance generated significant gains in crucial indicators by painstakingly addressing obstacles through targeted social media marketing, website optimization, and conversion-focused techniques. Digital marketing prepared AyuMantra for long-term success in the competitive Ayurvedic medicine sector.

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